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Looking for NYC-based narrative PRODUCER for a 10-minute pilot episode. Shoot dates: Nov 3 - 7. Fairview, NJ (20 minutes from Port Authority, NYC).

With a grant from the Tribeca Film Institute we’re creating a prototype of our interactive narrative webseries and are looking for a producer to do a script breakdown, help hire cast and crew, be good at scheduling, call sheets, and dealing with SAG-AFTRA regarding New Media contracts.


Majority of the 10-minute pilot episode takes place inside a car.


Like many indie projects, this one too is driven by passion and story. We are also a very resourceful bunch. So far we have our lead actor, who the role was written for, a holding ground in Fairview, NJ for the shoot days, and the car we’ll be shooting in. We also have an interactive producer on board. Most exciting is that we have an Italian food chef in the family who’ll be catering for the shoot!


Experience in interactive, shooting in a car, and/or in black & white for a cinematic noir look, all a plus. Get in touch with your resumes and links.

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