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Rear View Mirror [[RVM]] is a web series about an unsuspecting cab driver who helps a woman in distress only to get caught up in a tale of a secret pregnancy and possibly murder.


       When Selvan, a driver with a ride-sharing app, picks up Kriti from an uninhabited dead-end street, he knows immediately that something is wrong. All she’ll tell him is that she needs to get away. Set in a loosely knit Indian community, Selvan decides to help her escape. When she disappears leaving nothing but a bloodied sheet behind, he returns to her neighborhood to find out more.  Neighbors talk in his backseat, hinting at an unwed pregnancy and felony murder.


       Soon, Selvan finds himself suspected by the cops and her family. The forces of patriarchy are out to reclaim Kriti and the legal system is determined to imprison her—whose side will Selvan take?

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